A freelance innovative web developer with 17+ years’ experience of web and application development base in Johor Bahru.

To meet client needs, I always develop and design system with powerful tools and innovative technology that took more time to create animation and responsive website.

With my passion of design, I create new design with advance scripting language that make it more responsive and interactive offer endless fascinating possibilities to the client. Keep learning and testing new feature and technology become by aim to keep my knowledge base update to date.

I wrote my own framework to make sure that security tight enough to fulfill today world that full of security treat. Open source framework will also use some time but need to keep up to date to solve security problem.

The AI will become popular in near future, I hope the AI technology will have used to create more user friendly interface by identify customer needs and predict the future expectation.


I focused on quality of project, so I will try to minimize work load to produce quality product to meet my client needs.